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  • RMF and ProR moving forward nicely

    We submitted the Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF) to become an Eclipse Foundation Project just a few weeks ago.  We are excited that the project got approved and is now waiting for provisioning.

  • Juhu – JMStV ist gescheitert!

    Die Novellierung des JMStV (Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrags) ist undurchsetzbarer Schwachsinn – und ist jetzt zum Glück gescheitert.  Die vorgeschriebenen Maßnahmen sind überhaupt nicht umsetzbar.  Das einzige, was dieses Gesetz produziert hätte, wäre eine weitere Abmahnwelle, von der nur skrupellose Anwälte profitieren würden.

  • Vector Magic launches

    High Dynamic Range photography is a really cool technique to aggregate pictures with various exposure into one stunning picture.  There is now a free online-tool to do this at I tried it out – it’s great! There is only one catch: The three pictures must (obviously) be identical, except exposure.  The picture I used […]

  • GnuCash Configuration for DKB

    Diese Infos habe ich verteilt und unvollständig im Internet gefunden. Hier ist alles einmal zusammengefasst: Um ein DKB-Konto für GnuCash zu konfigurieren: AqBanking Wizard Starten Erstellen eines neuen aqhbci backend Auswahl: Setup PIN/TAN Bank Code: 12030000 (BLZ) Server: (siehe DKB FAQ) Name: Kontonummer einsetzen User Id: Legitimations-ID einsetzen. Diese kann gefunden werden im DKB […]

  • Major annoyance: Web sites that detect your language by IP address

    Why is it that nobody cares about the fact that web browsers can send the preferred locale to a web server? I like Google, but the way they handle this is just horrible.  Yes, there are workarounds, but I don’t need a web site detecting what language I am interested in. The latest site with […]

  • Bad Experience with Afian File Manager

    I recently installed the Afian File Manager for a customer.  All they needed was a simple way for safely sharing large files with customers.  There are plenty of web file managers available (free and commercial), but surprisingly few support uploads beyond what the web server allows.  Afian was one of them. Turns out they realized […]

  • Guess how much Software there is in a Car

    Did you know that a third of the cost of a plane goes towards the fuselage, a third towards the engines, and a third towards software?  It’s getting there for cars, too.  Here is a great article that is full of interesting trivia.

  • Running Rodin 1.1 with Ubuntu 9.10

    I had a few issues getting Rodin 1.1 to work properly after Updating Ubuntu to 9.10.  The main issue is the HTML-Viewer that Eclipse uses.  It wraps Firefox/xulrunner in an SWT-Control.  Unfortunately, Firefox 3.5 (xulrunner 1.9.1) is incompatible with Eclipse 3.4, on which Rodin is based. To work around this problem, you need to install […]

  • Building a GWT app that is an Eclipse Plug-In

    For my own reference: Create a new GWT-Project Give it a standard Plug-In name (e.g. de.jastram.gwtexample) Give the Project the Plug-In Nature (Right-click on Project > Configure > Convert to Plug-in Projects…) Add Dependency to de.jastram.jettyrunner Add Extension de.jastram.jettyrunner.warrunner Add a war-element That’s it – don’t forget to compile.