Watch out for the International Space Station

As the International Space Station (ISS) is growing (it just got solar panels), it should be visible with the naked eye! And this site shows you when and where. If it’s night, and you have a clear sky, give it a try! The site also informs about the passing by of other satellites. Good reason to get outside!

Women with super vision

I picked up this interesting story on Slashdot – scientists are looking for women who have four color channels in their eyes, instead of the usual three (red, blue, green). Genetics dictates that only women can have this kind of vision. Check out the article – it’s cool reading!

Nuclear blast to build hydro project

This is scary – China is considering to use a nuclear blast to build a huge hydro plant. The Soviet Union used nuclear blasts in civil engineering and the results were a disaster. I sincerely hope this won’t happen.

Space fungus eats up MIR

Who would have thought? It turns out that ordinary fungus can evolve into an aggressive species that can survive in empty space, and eats through plastics, and even metal! This is an interesting article that describes the implications of fungus on the space station MIR.

Intelligent Slime!

Check this out: Scientists discovered that single-celled slime can find the shortest way through a labyrinth! “The Blob” finally becoming a reality!

RSA released into the public domain

Great news! I am sure you know about the security mechanisms built into your browser, right? The little padlock. This mechanism, and many others, are using an algorithm that is patented by RSA Security. The patent would expire in two weeks, but RSA decided to release the algorithm into the public domain, two weeks before the expiration. From their web site:

“RSA SecurityÂ’s commercialization of the RSA patent helped create an entire industry of highly secure, interoperable products that are the foundation of the worldwide online economy. Releasing the RSA algorithm into the public domain now is a symbolic next step in the evolution of this market, as we believe it will cement the position of RSA encryption as the standard in all categories of wired and wireless applications and devices.”

Fireworks: Iridium will be destroyed

Here we go – $ 5,000,000,000 will be burned in the atmosphere very soon. The bancruptcy court gave the okay to Motorola, who currently owns the network. I wonder whether this spectacle can be observed on the sky. The dates are not yet determined. Stay tuned for the burning of over 60 satelites!

Deckard was a replicant!

Remember Blade Runner, one of the coolest movies ever? One thing wasn’t clear from the movie, and fans discussed it extensively. Was the cop Deckard a human, or a replicant? Now, twenty years later, director Ridley Scott unveals that Deckard was in fact a replicant. Read this interesting piece of movie trivia.

Rocket Guy

This guy plans to build his personal rocket, next year. This sounds like fun! Crazy, but fun. Check out the pictures of his vehicle. Launch is planned for mid 2001. Will this be another Darwin Award…? We’ll see…

Yahoo! will use Google!

Google is a pretty cool search engine, they use open sofware, and have great technology. And now it seems that Yahoo will replace Inktomi as their search engine. That’s great news. I never liked Hotbot – I don’t know why everybody was so crazy about them in the first place.