Do cell phones kill people…?

The kill due to pure stupidity of people using them behind the wheel, as this Harvard Study confirms. I don’t mind cell phones, but between the way how people use them is totally irresponsible. I don’t even suggest a ban, but I would like headphones or a loudseaker system to be mandatory.

Anatomy of a Computer Virus Writer

The article describes who writes viruses, who releases them, what the motivation is, why the writers are often not prosecuted, and much more. Very detailed, very informative. I found particularly interesting that rarely virus writers release their viruses: Writing Viruses is not (yet) illegal, but releasing them is. So writers often publish the virus code, and guillable script kiddies pick it up.

Free Yoga MP3

There are surprisingly few Yoga CDs around, believe it or not. But this one is perfect, half an hour to go through a few poses at a good pace. Great for getting up in the morning. Enjoy, and share the love!

Stunning Photography

Seriously, the pictures are amazing. I was searching for some Japanese Tea pictures for inspiration, and came across this page. It has been a while since a site made me go “Ahhhhhh…”

LFS and Gentoo Linux

While LFS is simply a set of instructions on how to build a Linux system without a single binary (everything is compiled by yourself!), Gentoo is a real distribution. To be honest, I didn’t give it a try yet, but I’ll definitely keep it on my todo list.

Fonts, Graphics, the whole lot

It doesn’t happen often these days that I need some clip art, icons or textures for web design. But when I do, I curse that I didn’t keep the good places bookmarked. Well, here’s a pretty good one, and now it’s here, I can’t loose it any moe ­čśë

Enron in Space

Readers of this Blog know that I’ve been following Professor Postol‘s effort to show the public that missle defense doesn’t work. It’s nice to see that the public slowly picks up that idea.

TBTF retires

TBTF was one of the finest newsletters during the dot-com craze. I will definitely miss Keith Dawson‘s updates. A key feature of his news was the depth of research – every story came with several links, backing up his comments.

“Layer of ash separates morning and evening milk.”