Indians occupy tribal council, and nobody reports it

Few people are aware of what’s going on in Connecticut. Read this highly interesting and disturbing article about one of the poorest regions in the USA – and the fact that the media refuses an occupation that has been going on for two months now.

Flowers for Meter Maids

I am torn about this – when I was still living in the Tenderloin, I hated Meter Maids – as they were ticketing my motorcycle for parking on the sidewalk on a regular basis. And now they get flowers from the SFBC, which I enthusiastically support. I use my bicycle almost daily in the city – so I guess this is a good thing…

SFBC members delivered hand-decorated Valentine’s cards to the city’s 230 Parking Control Officers (PCOs) today. The personal cards and a bouquet of flowers for their headquarters are meant to thank (and encourage!) the PCOs for keeping bike lanes and sidewalks clear of cars and helping to keep bicyclists and pedestrians safe and happy. Our effort was mentioned in the Sunday Examiner yesterday and on KCBS radio today. Huge thanks to Michael Calfee and Adriana Valencia.

Immigrants in the USA

Put yourself in my shoes by reading this article. Not that I am in a rush to change employer or whatever, but it would be nice to feel independent. As far as work and employment is concerned, currently I am not.

Journalists in Chechnya

Usually I wouldn’t post a news listing here, but this article looks at the Grozny conflict from a refreshing different perspective. Instead of talking about human right violations, etc., it describes how politicians act, how news are controlled, and so on. Very insightful.

Class War in the USA

This article covers the implications of international trade and raising corporate profits on the social structure. Interesting – if not a little paranoid – it’s worthwile reading.

I was astound by some of the implications of NAFTA. Today, in situations where union organizing drives are successful, employers do in fact close their plant, in whole or in part, 15 percent of the time. That’s triple the pre-NAFTA rate!

Copy protection for CDs introducted!

This is really upsetting! BMG released two CDs that feature a copy protection. This means that you cannot read it from a CD ROM drive on your computer, and even a couple of older CD players choke on it.

The scary part is, that the only news source of this information is the German site (Here’s the article: Kopierschutz für Audio-CDs verärgert Kunden. Nothing in the US press. Big brother has no interest in making this information public.

@home UDP has been lifted

@home was threatened with the Usenet Death Penalty. It seems that the thread was lifted, but of course, @home is now on probation for 30 days.

UDP is nothing more than an agreement between usenet adminsitrators, but it’s amazing how well it works. UDP has been threatened to ISP’s a couple of times, and it was amazingly successful.