Lessons the Soviets learned in Afghanistan

Here is a great article from a Soviet Afghanistan veteran. “And though veterans of the Afghan conflict point out that the U.S. bought the bullets for the moujahedeen who killed their comrades, Lisinenko said most wouldn’t wish an Afghan war on their worst enemy”

Foreign Affairs background on Terrorist attack

In order to understand the recent terrorist attack on the United States better, Foreign Affairs Magazine put together a collection of past articles that will provide you with a comprehensive background on what happened during the past years. This magazine is one of the best sources of this kind of information.

Finally: Roadtrip 2001

Finally! You might know that I relocated from San Francisco to Boston. And that I was writing a journal and taking pictures. Finally I got all the pictures developed, the journal is completed, and the stuff is uploaded. Enjoy!

Xpogen in the news

I’ve been working for my new employer, Xpogen for two weeks now – and I like it, tons of interesting stuff to do. What kind of stuff? Check out this article, that ran last weekend!

In Spanish

Okay, so this information is old (goes back to 1994). But I just learned that Spain decided to give up the dictionary sorting of “ch” and “ll”, which were considered individual “letters” until recently. So, the old sort order would be “lingua, loco, llamar”, and now it’s “lingua, llamar, loco”. Just a little bit of completely unnecessary, fascinating trivia.

Milk hormones and Media

This web site has been created by two reporters who got fired from Fox TV, after trying to tell the truth about BGH (bovine growth hormone), which is probably present in all the milk you buy in the USA. This hormone is banned in the EU. BGH products are likely to have direct (cancer) and indirect effects (antibiotic resistance) on humans.

Project Censored 2000

Like every year, the San Francisco Bay Guardian just released the “Project Censored” – the top stories buried by the mainstream media. Always an insightful read, the focus is on scary levels of collaboration between governments and coorperations, on the expense of the consumer.

Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU

Scary – In 1995 the EU fired British economist Bernard Connolly because he had written a book critical of European monetary integration. Connolly opined that Economic and Monetary Union was a threat to democracy, freedom, and ultimately to peace. Yesterday’s court ruling that the EU was justified in sacking Connolly does nothing to dispel this view.

Why people are upset about John Ashcroft’s nomination

There has been a lot of controversy about Ashcroft’s nomination as attorney general by President George W. Bush. Why controverse? Well, if you read the following quote, I hope you agree with me that this man is not only nuts, but frightening as well:

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians.” (Fund-raising letter, 1992.)