Yesmail and MAPS

Everybody concerned about SPAM or email marketing (not the same) should check out this article. It analyzes the withdrawal of Yesmail from a lawsuit against MAPS. MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System) is the most effective weapon against Spam. Post, by the way, is not mentioned in this article. That means that we are good to consumers.

Yet a new Outlook weakness

As if Microsoft didn’t do enough damage yet! A new flaw in Outlook appeared – this time, it is enough to receive a message, to get infected. No, this is no hoax. The idea is to abuse some fields of the message header (subject line, date, sender, etc.). These fields are parsed, even if the user doesn’t open the message. The “right” header field will break Outlook, allowing malicious code being executed on the user’s computer.

Did you know…

Whenever a new Star Trek movie comes out, Microsoft rents out an entire movie theater for the afternoon and takes the whole damn company out to the movies. Movie theatres are usually empty in the afternoon, so this costs a heck of a lot less than you think.

Backdoor in Microsoft’s Web Server Software

There is a really scary article in the Wall Street Journal about a back door in Microsoft’s web servers software. With the right password, and a specific server configuration (Frontpage 97 extensions installed, I believe), you are pretty much in controol

I provided a link to Slashdot, because the online WSJ requires a paid account.

Microsoft’s offer to settle got rejected

Stay tuned! Today, the DoJ rejected a settlement offer from Microsoft. And tomorrow, Judge Jackson will deliver a verdict. This will be really interesting, but it’s unlikely that Microsoft is being broken up. Works for me – a breakup would probably strenghten Microsoft’s position, so I would prefer to see restrictions than a breakup.

Jeff Bezos’ Open Letter on Patents

Everybody is talking about Software and Business Patents lately. The whole discussion has been triggered by’s one-click ordering patent. Now Bezos wrote this letter, defending his practice and making suggestions on how to improve things. This is really exciting reading, and Tom O’Reilly’s follow-up letter is as exciting.

Chomsky on Microsoft

Maha found this really interesting Interview with Noam Chomsky on the DOJ case against Microsoft. I think this is enjoyable reading, I hope you do, too.

Resistence is futile!

If you are running AOL Software on your computer, think twice before you update to Version 5. That piece of software is nasty, and will attempt to take over your computer – even at the cost of breaking your computer! In a nutshell, the software offers you the option to let AOL handle all Internet connections. If you answer yes to this relatively innocent question, you will not be able to connect to the Internet through any other mechanisms any more, you won’t be able to read email (except web based mail), etc. Read about it on CNN – it’s nasty!