Vivian Lester-Wallar Memorial Scholarship Fund

A good friend of mine lost his mother in a tragic assault, and his father due to illness, within a very short time. Please support Donald by visiting the memorial site for his parents.

Post aint no more

After taking a 3 month sabbatical, I was sad to learn that the name Post Communications ceased from existence. So, from now on I work in the Email Marketing Group (EMG) of Netcentives. While the logo is still on the web page, I assume it’ll go away soon.

[email protected] launched

Hans Peter Brondmo, the founder of Post Communications, wrote a book about email marketing, and the customer dialogue. It will be released in October, and today the web site to the book launched. Check it out!

Yesmail and MAPS

Everybody concerned about SPAM or email marketing (not the same) should check out this article. It analyzes the withdrawal of Yesmail from a lawsuit against MAPS. MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System) is the most effective weapon against Spam. Post, by the way, is not mentioned in this article. That means that we are good to consumers.