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Author: Michael Jastram

  • Quote from A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing

    Quote from A Practitioner’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing

    ABM makes such a measurable difference because it is designed with specific objectives aimed at a tightly targeted audience. Externally, it is an integrated, coordinated programme of activities that brings valuable propositions and relevant ideas to clients. Internally, it encourages closer cooperation between marketing, account management, sales and delivery teams because it is only truly…

  • Quote from Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street

    Quote from Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street

    It (the income tax law) was, however, subjected to a succession of rate reductions and amendments, one of them being the elimination, in 1865, of its progressive rates, on the arresting ground that collecting 10 per cent on high incomes and lower rates on lower incomes constituted undue discrimination against wealth.

  • Quote from Radical Candor

    Quote from Radical Candor

    When you treat people like cogs in a machine, you’ll get no more than you demand, and you create an incentive to break the machine.

  • Lineage OS on Xiaomi Pocophone F1

    Lineage OS on Xiaomi Pocophone F1

    My old Oppo Find 7 served me really well for 5 years. But Oppo stopped updating Android a long time ago, so I switched to Omni ROM. But updates stopped a year ago as well, and I had to fight with more and more demanding applications. So I switched to another China-Phone, Xiaomi Pocophone F1.…

  • More and More Opaque Credit Cards

    More and More Opaque Credit Cards

    My old ING-DiBa credit card was transparent, you could see the wires of the NFC-antenna even with the card lying down. Not any more. Now it is opaque, and even against a strong light source, you don’t see anything. I just received a card from DKB, in a new look: black, and completely opaque. Why?…

  • The 15 Books I Read in 2018

    The 15 Books I Read in 2018

    Another year, plenty of books. The list is even shorter than last year. However, this is probably due to the children’s books I read with my family, which has become a little tradition. Therefore, I put an unrated list of children books at the end. 5 Stars Thinking fast and slow (Science) Not an easy…

  • Video Acceleration in the Browser on Linux Mint

    My performance when playing video has been bad, especially with multiple screens. This guide on installing Chrome with hardware acceleration seems to work.

  • Augmented Reality in Google Maps?

  • Teufel One S: Große Enttäuschung, kein Chromecast

    Nachdem ich vor längerer Zeit ein Raufeld One S gekauft habe, wollte ich mein Netzwerk durch ein weiteres Gerät ergänzen. Da es offiziell als Nachfolgeprodukt beworben wurde, habe ich mich für das Teufel One S entschieden. Das war eine Große Enttäuschung, denn Chromcast Support wurde entfernt, eine von mir viel benutzte Funktion. Bei einem nicht…

  • Updating Facebook Auto-Post (2018)

    I refuse to post original content at Facebook, or other networks. Instead, I have my websites automatically cross-post of original content from my website. But networks regularly update their APIs or require new checks. For my personal benefit, I’ll document my effort for allowing SNAP Auto-Poster (WordPress) to submit to Facebook. First, this is the…